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Default Mia's Bare Feet Tickled Silly

Mia was excited to return to San Diego after spending the summer between her junior and senior year working part-time as a bikini model in Miami, Florida. Her athletic build and sexy long brown hair made the 21-year old collegiate gymnast a sure bet for the modeling job. Mia stood a tall 5'7', and years of athletics and intense training produced a shapely 110 pound body that fit perfectly into a two-piece bikini. Every morning began with a 2 mile jog on the beach, strengthening her sexy diamond-shaped calves and dynamite lean thighs with every step her soft size 7 bare feet took a step as her long tan toes dug into the hot beach sand. As a gymnast, Mia was a fierce competitor who didn’t mind the side benefits her amazing athletic body received from such rigorous training. Mia loved the attention she got from modeling, and spent most hot summer afternoons sunbathing on the beach, intent to return to school her senior year of college with a dark tan, which in combination with her toned figure, was sure to get the boys’ attention. Her beach tanning sessions always began with a thorough application of rich coconut tanning oil over every square inch, leaving her tan, athletic body shining all afternoon under the hot Miami sun as the men pretended not to look.

Mia looked forward to returning to school, where she was on a full collegiate gymnastics scholarship and had recently been named social chair of her sorority. Having grown up in an affluent San Diego suburb, Mia was spoiled from day one. Her parents traveled abroad during her high school years, leaving her under the sole supervision of a full time live-in maid who gave into all of Mia’s demands for designer clothing, expensive shoes, and treatments at San Diego’s finest spas. Twenty-one years of spoiling produced an incredibly sexy young woman who never had to take no for an answer when it came to getting what she wanted. Mia’s attitude quickly irritated her sorority sisters, who had reluctantly named the snotty gymnast as their social chair. The attitudes of the neighboring fraternity brothers were also soon soured by Mia’s insistence that they repair the sorority’s outdoor deck prior to the October formal. Having had enough of her bossy attitude, members of both houses quickly schemed to give the haughty princess some of her own medicine.

Two of Mia’s sorority sisters, Julie and Sara, had recently learned of Mia’s hatred for tickling during a weekend sorority slumber party. Mere playful tickling brought about heavy opposition from Mia only months ago. Years of running, jumping, and landing on her bare feet in gymnastics activities had made Mia’s feet baby soft, but unbearably ticklish. Mia had loudly stomped into the room wearing a short skirt and high heeled black sandals exposing her cute tan toes and bare heels. Julie noticed Mia’s toes were freshly painted candy-apple red, reminding her of Mia’s sensitivity to tickling. Mia snapped at Julie for failing to complete her weekly house duties, irritating Julie to no end.

The girls resented the way Mia dressed, always wearing something tiny to get the boys attention, showing off her shapely calves and dark summer tan in one of the hundreds of pairs of designer high heeled sandals and pumps Mia had received from years of heavy spoiling. Julie immediately contacted Alex, President of a neighboring fraternity, and inquired about the warehouse that had been recently donated to the fraternity for social events. Alex, eager to win over the hearts of his fraternity brothers, embraced the idea of converting a room in the warehouse into a place where Mia would dearly pay for her bossy attitude.

Mia was excited when she received a call from Julie, informing her about the “make-over special” that a new salon in town was running. Always paying close attention to her adorable size 7 feet, Mia planned on getting a pedicure before the formal, and the $75 package Julie mentioned sounded just perfect. As the date of the sorority formal grew closer, Alex put his fraternity brothers to work creating a soundproof 12 by 12 room behind a lobby area in the warehouse. The “salon” was complete with salon sinks, a steam-room, and several manicure and pedicure stations. One pedicure station in particular featured a large comfortable leather chair, with soft rubber clamps near the foot rest. The men paid special attention to this chair, ensuring the chair could be raised and lowered with ease. With the formal scheduled for Tuesday evening, Mia made a Saturday night appointment.

Upon arriving, the receptionist greeted Mia and directed her to relax for a few minutes in the sauna. Tom, one of Alex’s fraternity brothers, kept a close eye on Mia as he pretended to be giving a girl from a neighboring sorority house a manicure. The first step of the scheme was quickly put into motion, as Mia stripped down to a tiny black 2-piece bikini and slipped into the sauna. After about 15 minutes, Mia emerged relaxed and a little wet from the steam. Tom had finished up the manicure, and invited Mia to have a seat in the large leather chair in the back of the salon. “What a nice chair!” said Mia, sitting her delectable bikini-clad tan buns in the warm pedicure chair. “Just came in this week” said Tom, loving every moment he had alone with the gymnast and her bare soles. “What are you doing?” asked Mia as Tom carefully guided her bare ankles into the rubber restraints on the foot rest. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, these new chairs have the new comfort feature, it lets your feet relax as you receive your pedicure”. “Wow! This is going to be so relaxing!” said Mia as Tom’s stomach flipped at the thought of her tan size 7's locked in at his tickling mercy. “Just lay back and relax, I’ll be right back” said Tom, sneaking outside to signal to his fraternity brothers that Mia was ready to be made to laugh.

Meanwhile, the woman who had been sitting at the reception desk approached with a tray of hot pink nail polish. “Where’s Tom?” asked Mia. “He’ll be back soon, I’m gonna do your feet” said the receptionist, finishing the pedicure in a matter of minutes. Mia’s tan bare feet looked great as she occassionally squeezed her toes forward, revealing the stunning contrast of her shiny new hot pink toenails against her dark tan skin. “Hang tight babe, I’m gonna let this dry for a while” she said, leaving Mia in the chair with her soft bare pink soles facing forward. The receptionist placed her arms on Mia’s shoulders, “Give me your hands babe” she said. “What is this?” Mia asked, giggling as the receptionist’s fingernails danced lightly along Mia’s sexy bare shoulders and biceps. “Your manicure” the receptionist replied, “we like to get your hands up in the air to work with”. Wasting no time, Mia’s hands were raised high above her head and secured by the rubber binds hanging from the ceiling. “Wow, you guys really have me locked in here!” Mia exclaimed, giggling at how silly the setup seemed to her. Little did she know, the receptionist and the man she thought was a salon employee were but two of many who were anxiously awaiting the punishment of the stuck-up social chair.

Sara and Dan had been appointed to the “Mia Attitude Adjustment Board”, making them primarily responsible for ensuring that Mia received the tickling of a lifetime. While Dan waited in the lobby, longing to hear Mia laugh and scream amidst her restraints, Sara entered the salon room where Mia sat. As soon as Sara saw Mia’s bare feet and new hot pink pedicure, she was reminded of how spoiled Mia was, always bragging about her $200 high heels from Nordstrom’s and Victoria’s Secret, showing off her sassy size 7's like nobody’s business. “Sara? What are you doing here?” asked Mia, surprised to see her sorority sister in the salon. “Hi Mia. I thought I would pay you a visit. You see, those of us in the house are really growing tired of your bossy attitude, and I wanted to remind you of your role. Now that you are locked into place, you're sassy feet won't be going ANYWHERE." “What are you talking about?” Mia asked, becoming more and more worried by the moment. “Well Mia, looks as if you are pretty much locked into place in that chair. I see you are up to no good, getting those sexy feet of yours done yet AGAIN just to tease all the boys” said Sara mockingly. “Sara! What are you trying to say? My feet are hot, so what’s the big deal?, said Mia as Sara pulled the bench that had been in the front of the room all the way up to the foot of the pedicure station. “These feet. Gosh, I wonder if they are ticklish Mia?”. “No Sara! Don’t even think about it! I just got my toes done and I can’t stand my feet to be touched, not to mention tickled.” “Oh yeah?” asked Sara, now grinning from ear to ear, anxious to assault Mia’s poor bare feet. “Well, you should have thought about that when you yelled at Julie the other day.” “Aaaaaahhh!!!” yelped Mia, feeling a quick sensation tingling on her left foot. “I’m SORRY Sara! Please let me out of here!.” “Too late Mia, you are in for a long night” said Sara, gently scraping the fingernail of her left index finger down the outside of Mia’s bare left foot. “Leave my feet ALONE!” screamed Sara, “You don’t understand!”. “Oh I understand” said Sara, now scraping the fingernail of her right index finger down Mia’s right foot. “Nooooahahahahaha!” squealed Mia as she begged to be released, giggling loudly as Sara’s sharp fingernails gently scraped her tender bare soles. “I don’t even have my socks on! My feet are super sensitive to tickling!” cried Mia, seeking mercy from the girl she thought was her close friend. “Mia, I don’t care how ticklish your poor little feet are, you have been unbearable all semester, and before you ruin our formal, its time for some attitude adjustment”.

Mia’s heart began to race as she panicked at the thought of her feet being locked in place for tickling. Escape would be impossible, and her poor bare feet, soft and highly sensitive from years of barefoot gymnastics would now face their greatest challenge, a full hour of merciless foot tickling. Mia leaned forward as she heard the bench squeak loudly, only to see Sara scooting even closer to Mia’s brown bare tootsies. The pedicure chair placed Mia’s body lying perfectly flat, her scrumptious bare soles secured soundly upon a sturdy foot stool. Sitting up, Mia could see her legs, the tops of her feet which spread almost 2 feet apart, and her new hot pink toes. Sara now sat with her face right in the middle of the space between Mia’s feet, her shoulders almost directly in line with Mia’s delectable bare soles. Sara licked her lips as she assessed Mia's spoiled bare soles. “Allright Mia, let’s get started” said Sara. “No Sara!” screamed Mia, “Leave my feet alone! You know I do gymnastics and my feet are unbelievably ticklish! I promise I’ll be nice from now on, just let me out!”. “You have the nerve to get a hot pink pedicure on these toes. You are just up to your old tricks Mia, and you are going to pay.”

Mia panicked as Sara raised her hands, as Sara always had long nails and Mia couldn’t stand the thought of those long nails stroking her poor bare feet. Sara’s index fingers found their way to the inside edge of her victim’s bare feet. “How many pairs of shoes did you say you had Mia? Oh that’s right, 250. Well, you deserve 250 strokes with the tips of my fingers!” “Oh God NO!” cried Mia “I didn’t mean to brag about my shoes! Leave my feet ALONE!”. Annoyed by Mia’s pathetic excuses, Sara began her tickling onslaught, working each finger unpredictably up and down the insides and upon the soft bare skin of each of Mia’s bare size 7's. Mia screamed with every stroke, the filling the room with loud laughter as Sara ran her fingertips all over the pink inner portions of Mia’s scrumptious bare tootsies. “What’s so funny?” asked Sara mockingly as Mia thrashed in her restraints, her curly brown hair flying all over the place with every single ticklish stroke of Sara’s masterful fingers. “Stooooppp Tickkklllinngg!” Mia cried, her mouth wide open with hysterical laughter, cheeks turning a light shade of red, and her bare soles quickly becoming wet with ticklish sweat. Sara continued to softly scratch every square centimeter of Mia’s cute pink bare soles, enthralled with being able to provoke screaming and laughing from the social chair by the simplest of strokes. Mia suffered in ticklish agony, her precious bare feet burning with unbearable ticklish sensations. “I think these feet want some attention Mia!. They are so sexy, how could I leave them alone?” said Mia mockingly, admiring her victim’s helpless soles with pure joy as Mia’s toes curled spastically in response to Sara’s unpredictable tickling.

Ready for the kill, Sara held Mia’s toes back and tickled in the soft crevices underneath them as Mia laughed like a mad woman. Sara’s fingers worked their way back and forth across Mia’s naked soles like clockwork, zig-zagging back and forth on her feet rapidly as Mia howled from her ticklish torment. “Oh my God. That’s enough!” Mia cried, out of breath, her tan shoulders now wet with sweat, arms hanging high above her head, as her bare feet took a breather after almost 10 minutes of torment. “Be right back” said Sara, sneaking out into the lobby and high giving Dan as he made his way into the salon. Mia tried to collect herself, sure that the tickling had ceased.

“What do we have here?” asked Dan, walking toward the bench. “What are you doing here? Asked Mia, now exhausted from her first session. “Oh, I heard you were getting your pedicure, and well, I’m a big fan of your feet Mia, how could I miss out”. “My feet?” asked Mia in a worried tone. “Yeah, Mia, I love your feet. You know I haven’t missed a gymnastics meet since you made Varsity last year. You have such a great body, and I love seeing you barefoot” said Dan, scooting closer and closer to Mia’s tan size 7's as Mia feared the worst. “You are really quite a foot freak.” said Mia, hoping to discourage Dan from getting ideas about tickling. “You now Mia, as much as I love your feet, I haven’t been a big fan of your requiring us to build that new deck. Its been a huge time commitment, and between work and classes, I’ve lost a lot of sleep. I’ll let you make it up to me, but you’ve gotta promise me you’ll follow my instructions.” “Instructions?” Mia asked, “What the hell are you going to do to me?”. Dan could hardly wait to hear the laughter out of the tan sorority princess who wore only a black bikini over her sexy athletic body. “OK Mia, here’s the deal. You are my tickle toy, and how much tickle torture you receive will depend on your level of cooperation. You've been driving me crazy with those sexy bare feet at every gymnastics meet, I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. Are they ticklish?” “Oh my God” said Mia, “I know you like my feet, but Sara already tickled the hell out of me. Just let me out, my soft feet can’t take anymore tickling.” “Sorry Mia, I’ve been waiting way too long to let you out, and Alex isn’t going to be here for another 2 hours, so I am going to get to know your helpless bare soles! I’ll make you a deal, I really just want nothing more in life than to hear you beg me to tickle your feet! The only way we will finish early is if I hear you say “Tickle my sexy bare feet” 50 times. Until then, your feet are going to get a workout”. “Not fair!” cried Mia “I can’t take anymore tickling tonight. My poor feet are tired!” “Tough!” said Dan, as his fingers began to dance all over the gymnasts defenseless soles. “Stooooahahahahpppp!” screamed Mia, incredibly angry that the tickling was starting again. Mia hated the thought of a fraternity boy having her way with her pretty feet. After all, she hadn't spent good money to take care of her feet over the years just to have Dan send her into hysterics. Dan's fingers were tickling Mia more than she had ever experienced. “Not my feet! PLEASE not my FEET!" she pleaded amidst cackling laughter.

Mia’s complaints were music to Dan’s ears, having admired Mia’s sexy tan feet for the past 3 years. He loved watching this pair of delectable bare soles hang right before his face as Mia laughed and screamed in ticklish agony. "Ticklish?" asked Dan with a smirk, laughing along with his tickling victim. "Surely you're not laughing because I'm touching your bare feet?" Dan’s fingers scraped and rubbed Mia’s helpless pink bare heels, raced up and down the baby soft skin of her sweaty soles, and dove in and out of the tiny crevices between her beautiful bare toes. Every touch sparked instant contortions in her sexy cheeks, her mouth open wide with howling laughter. “I can’t hear you!” yelled Dan, his heart racing with tickling excitement, his mind embracing pure control over Mia's helpless size 7's. “Tickkahahhhaaha!! Please tickle my bare feet! Please tickahahahah!!” screamed Mia as she struggled to form the coherent words Dan insisted she speak. “Tickle your feet? I’d love to Mia!” replied Dan with a smile as he wrapped his lips around her left big toe while he kept all 10 fingers dancing quickly all over the soft skin of Mia’s right bare sole. Mia squealed with hysterical laughter as she felt Dan’s warm tongue flickering on the soft skin under her big toe. “Noooaahahahahaha!!! Leave my tooess allooonee!!” screamed Mia. Dan kept his eyes on neighboring toes every time Mia squeezed her toes forward in a pathetic attempt to avoid his ticklish love bites. His dug his fingertips into her arches over and over as he admired the smooth tan skin.

Mia’s long tan toes were delicious appetizers that Dan simply could not resist. Mia’s screams intensified as Dan softly bit her naked toes, constantly licking her poor ticklish digits with his tongue. “What do you say Mia?” inquired Dan, mocking her ticklish situation as he helped himself to her next gourgous toe. Mia could barely speak she was laughing so hard, “Pleeasseee tickle my bare feeeeEEETtttthahahahahHA!” she cried, hoping to appease her tickler with her pleas for mercy. Each of Mia’s 10 bare toes received close to 3 minutes of attention, as Dan focused intently on teasing each delectable morsel. Mia was beyond hysteria as she lay strapped in her chair, her exquisite bare soles the target of a deprived foot fetishist who took no greater pleasure than in tormenting her poor size 7's with every ounce of ticklish energy as she laughed and laughed. All the while, Dan’s 10 strong fingers scratched and poked the most sensitive portions of Mia’s defenseless arches, drawing figure 8's all over Mia’s bare feet unpredictably so Mia would never predict which part of her bare soles would next would fall victim to Dan’s tickling project. "PLEASE stop! This isn't fair! cried Mia as she laughed and laughed and laughed, wishing she could free her ankles from the tight rubber straps that kept her in place for Dan to play with.

Dan let Mia catch her breath momentarily, as he reached for his sack of tickling tools. “You know Mia, this first half hour has been fun, but I have always wanted to discover my creative side, do a little painting.” “You are such a sick fucker!” screamed Mia, her hair now soaking wet from sweat, shoulders shining, and tan cheeks a sexy cherry red from 30 minutes of uncontrollable laughter. Dan pulled out a tiny paintbrush. “I have only heard you beg me to tickle your feet 4 times Mia, you are far from done, I said 50!” Mia collected herself quickly and tried to squeeze out a few more lines “PLEASE tickle my bare feet Dan! Please tickle my bare feet!” Before she could finish, Dan had already applied a healthy amount of baby oil to his brush, and headed straight for Mia’s pretty bare soles. Mia’s cackling laughter spiked immediately as Dan’s tiny brush began making rapid circles on the soft skin of Mia’s left big toe. “What the fuck is that?” she screamed as drops of the warm oil began to slowly slide down the interior of her left foot. “Well babe, as sexy as your feet are, I know they will look even better shining with baby oil. You don’t mind do you?” asked Dan, laughing to himself as her answer was utterly irrelevant to his plan. “NO!” screamed Mia as Dan raced to draw hundreds of precise circles and ovals on each of Mia’s tan big toes. “Have you lost respect for the arts Mia? Your toes are my tickling canvas!” said Dan as he painted Mia’s silver-dollar sized tan big toes which stood prominent among the her toes both in size and ticklishness. Mia was immediately reduced to a laughing, screaming wreck as the warm oil on the soft brushes nearly tripled the tickling sensations she felt on her tiny toes. Mia laughed harder than ever before, tears streaming from her eyes over her pink cheeks as her laughter went off the charts. Dan couldn't believe how loud his tickle toy was laughing, yet wasn't about to let up. Mia's laughter now a perfect concerto with screams of ticklish agony. “What’s so funny?” asked Dan, “These sexy bare feet are no laughing matter!” Dan loved the sight as he painted smaller and smaller circles on Mia’s shiny tan big toes, watching drops of oil descend slowly down each bare sole. “Looking great so far Mia, but we’re not stopping unless I hear you beg me to tickle your bare tootsies!” Dan now took both brushes and began to explore the spaces between each of Mia’s toes as her maniacal laughter continued. “Nohahahahahahaha not betweeenn my toooeeess!!” screamed Mia, her mouth wide open, nostrils flaring, and her whole body wet as she sweated out nearly an hour of tickle torture on her bare feet. “Mia, I’m going to find your most ticklish spot on your feet if it takes all night, now I could really use some words of encouragement, or we’ll never be done” said Dan. “Please tickkkkahahhaahha! PLEASE tickle my tootsieessahahh!!” squealed Mia, trying to earn her way out of Dan’s crazed tickling plans. “Poor baby!” Dan yelled as he concentrated intently on his victim, dipping his tiny brushes in and out of every tiny part of the crevices between Mia’s tan toes, up and down the tops of each toe, painting all 10 toes. Mia laughed like crazy.

Dan craved the double reaction of laughs and screams and the sight of Mia’s pretty hot pink toes curling back and forth as his helpless captive’s feet reacted spontaneously to every careful stroke of his tiny brushes. Mia wanted nothing more than for her bare toes to be free from the unbearable tickling, but could hardly catch her breath to beg for mercy. Dan’s technique was flawless, especially as he concentrated on the soft skin around the balls of Mia’s feet, strokes from every angle intensifying the agony on her captive bare soles. Mia’s toes twitched non-stop, and spread wide when Dan hit the right spot on her scrumptious feet. Being a Saturday night, Dan liked the prospect of keeping the tickling going through the weekend. The videotape of Mia’s tickling experience was an instant hit among the fraternity brothers, an inspiration for future tickling sessions, and a permanent reminder to the sorority sisters of the perils of bossiness. Mia's feet would not forget.

Your comments and input are appreciated! More to come!
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John D. Schmidt
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Your foot tickling story is one of the best I have ever read and it's very well writen too. It held my interest from start to finish and I enjoyed reading about the well deserved tickling session that Mia recieved from her sorority sisters and the fraternity brothers from the frat house next door. I have known a few real life women who richly deserved to have an attitude adjustment via a through foot tickling just like the one Mia gets in your story. You say that you have "more on the way" and if what you have left to share is as good as your first post I very much look forward to reading more of your tickling stories. Foot tickling stories are my favorite type of tickling stories so if you have writen anymore of them I would love to read them. Please keep writing your tickling stories because you certainly have a talent for it.
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Well done! Bravo!

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just read it. great story!
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Excellent. I felt as if I were in the story, there watching it all.

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nice, very nice! :-)
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Very, very well!!!
We from once upon a time, will never be the same... (P. Neruda)
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Go Gators
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truly wonderful. *applaudes*
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absolutely outstanding! 10/10! i loved it all! from beginning to end!
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Darth Vegeta
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Wow Oo;
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bare, feet, mia, silly, tickled

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